Phoenix Tooling Strengthens Partnership With Dutton Simulation

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Closing in on three decades of operation, Phoenix Tooling is progressing through an exciting period of growth, development, and new business ventures. It’s a simple truth that, whatever your sector, industries will inevitably move forward and evolve.

This is especially true for manufacturing, and it takes forward-planning and innovative solutions for a company to adapt and thrive amidst such periods of change.

Martin Mulvey, Managing Director at Phoenix Tooling and Development Ltd, describes the various ways in which the leading precision press tooling company is keeping ahead of the game. Most recently, Phoenix Tooling have solidified their partnership with Dutton Simulation, leading experts and technical pioneers of computer design and simulation methods.

No stranger to the manufacturing sector, Dutton Simulation have been lending their wealth of knowledge and experience to manufacturers for more than 15 years.

Dutton Simulation provides a range of software tools for the metal forming industry, focusing on forming feasibility to predict defects such as splitting, wrinkling and spring-back, as well as how to optimise material and tooling costs.

"Partnering with leading software developers like FTI, ETA and LSTC allows us to tailor solutions for the needs of each individual customer,” states Trevor Dutton, Director of Dutton Simulation. "This is backed up with consultancy, R&D, training and technical support to ensure that the maximum value from these advanced simulation techniques can be realised."

“We’re in partnership with Dutton Simulation on two fronts,” explains Mr. Mulvey, going on to state that Phoenix Tooling are making use of the customised software provided by Dutton Simulation, as well as utilising their guidance in comprehensive simulation work to support the development of complex tooling.

As the wave of electrification sweeps through the manufacturing industries, new challenges arise for tooling companies like Phoenix Tooling. One such challenge is that the batteries used in electric vehicles require the utilisation of lighter components, meaning aluminium is fast becoming the norm over traditional steel materials.

Mr. Mulvey describes how Phoenix Tooling have had to adapt to these sweeping changes by regularly investing in latest technology CNC/EDM machine tools & continually develop new press tool strategies to ensure the tooling projects produced by Phoenix exceed customer expectations.

“This is where Dutton Simulation is key to us. They can simulate to us how far the material will spring back, giving us the key information required concerning elasticity and allowing us to create these new components.”  

“Press parts are becoming more and more complex,” Mr. Mulvey goes on to state. “New developments in high-strength materials are proving challenging to us as tool-makers. This partnership with Dutton Simulation will allow us to compress both development time and development loops, and allow us to complete projects in a significantly reduced lead-time.”

An example of the tooling process which Dutton Simulation’s expertise supports Phoenix is with Bihler tooling. Phoenix Tooling have been working with Bihler for decades, and the latest demands for more complex parts means a higher level of design and simulation is required. After a lengthy marketing campaign, the benefits of these investments are emerging.

Though this partnership with Dutton Simulation has proven to be fruitful, ultimately it’s just another example of how Phoenix Tooling makes great use of outside expertise. Mr. Mulvey states:

“This is one of many partnerships we’ve formed over the years. Another is with our tool-steel suppliers, who we regularly turn to for support and advice. These partnerships are key to our business.”

In regards to improving business, Phoenix Tooling are currently seeing record-high order book numbers, and are on track to take this even further.

Another avenue in which the company are embarking is international trade. Phoenix Tooling are opening up their export efforts throughout Europe, and have recently successfully completed & commissioned two complex tooling & stamping projects in Holland.

“We are finding more & more countries are searching globally for tooling businesses who have the skills, knowledge & expertise to produce this kind of complex tooling,” states Mr. Mulvey, who goes on to explain how Phoenix Tooling supports their customers all the way through:

“There’s so much engineering and experience required in these projects. We actually visit the customer after tool delivery to train their engineers to run these new tooling & production processes.”


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For all of your forming simulation needs, the experts at Dutton Simulation are ready to provide a huge boost to your business.